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The Project, located in the remote town of Burlington, Newfoundland, was to consider a new form of industry for a once thriving fishing community. The governments move to ban fishing on the east coast caused the outport communities to decline towards an eventual collapse. A new form of industry must be considered to ensure survival. A meeting place was created for the people of the town and visitors to celebrate the water as a place of leisure and not only work.

Instead of speculating and theorizing on paper, students from Dalhousie’s School of Architecture, collaborated with ERA Architects to realize a small part of the larger project - to begin work towards a final solution. The result was not something only for the community, but actually built out of it. The project could not have happened with out the selfless hospitality we were shown, and it was this connection that facilitated the projects success.

The success of any architecture relies on how well it preforms to, and even exceeds, the clients expectations. In this instance, the client was directly involved, so that throughout the structures life they will always understand and remember its creation, and the stories that it holds.

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