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In 2010 I had the opportunity of attending the Architecture Biennale in Venice. After visiting the Canadian Pavilion, I became very critical of how Canada was being represented on the world stage. How is it that an entire nation can be represented by one individuals theoretical experiment. Around the same time Canadian band ‘Arcade Fire’ won a Grammy award for album of the year leaving spectators in awe. The message behind their new album, titled “The Suburbs”, could have easily provided a more critical discussion on the current urban situation in Canada.

For the 2012 Venice Biennale, Saskatchewan based Architecture firm 5468796 Architecture, along with Jae-Sung Chon, were selected to represent Canada. Their exhibition included a competition to invite students from across the country to discuss and define Canada’s cultural migratory landscape.

Five classmates and I engaged in conversation, sharing our own personal migration stories to work towards a proposal. As the discussions developed we began to recognize a new potential. In a culture of cultures a vast variety of perspectives becomes a resource requiring immediate exploitation. A country that once inhabited the wild frontier, a massive land, rich with natural resource, had developed a new resource of varied knowledge. How could we make full use of our unique personality to create a progressive nation. Our culture developed as a culture of cultures, the frontier as its foundation - what will determine its next plateau?

In collaboration with Holly Simon, Kevin Lo, Imtiaz Ashraf, Mark Whalen
Status: Selected for regional exhibition

Migrating Landscapes