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Urban Strategy
A raised ‘plinth’ runs along the fronts of the north-facing row houses, delineating a space between the facade and the sidewalk for public interaction. A gentle slope going downwards toward the south, backside of the house, opens into a shared semi-private courtyard. A balcony is situated at the top floor of each unit facing the southern sun, looking into the park below. In an urban community, what was to be private, and what was to be public - the living room became the street.

The house lends itself to the urban scale with the ability to open its bi-fold door systems, to connect the street through the house into the garden, creating an interior semi public space. The living room becomes the street - the street the living room. While the bi-fold system is closed the private core overpowers the glass doors. When the system is open the doors fold up, creating an overhang - the house reaches into the street.

The private core includes vertical circulation, a quiet study area and bathrooms. The third level is a horizontal extension of the core, creating a private bedroom loft furthest from the public street. This space opens to the southern sun which can be controlled by operable sun screens.