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An irregular triangle shaped site, created by surrounding streets, a left over slice of land, forms an under-utilized park. The site, in proximity to Halifax’s historic commons, is surrounded by a residential shell. This project forms a cultural beacon for the city of Halifax. From the busiest street dynamic images loom over the trees - attracting the public into the space.

An exterior public space is formed between the lens of a projector and the front facade of the building - an outdoor ‘walk-in’ cinema. This screen can also be used for advertisements - a way to suggest what is happening within.

Two forms interact and confront each other to form the interior space, the back of house, and the user experience. Creation vs. Consumption. The spectators procession meets the performers at the stage, the perforated metal bends in and the proscenium is formed.

The spectator enters into the hall through the cage into a tall thin fracture created by the two forms colliding. The lobby and intermission space wraps in and under the raked seating - opening to the park behind.