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This community driven design build project took place during academic studies in Düsseldorf Germany at the Peter Behrens School of Architecture, 2012. The team was joined by Berlin based Markus Bader (Raumlabor) and Halifax based Richard Kroeker.

Master students were approached by the Junges Schauspielhaus to examine the main square in front of the children's theatre located in the of heart of the now residential, post industrial, district - Rath. The existing building housed a torpedo factory during the second world war. Somehow it survived the bombings and has been converted into a children's theatre and parking facility.The theatre transforms into a social community generator centered around theatre and the arts through simple architectural interventions.

The group decides to engage in the community early on in the project by producing a series of small installations. The Vorplatz of the theatre is programmed with a multi use moveable stair. Neighbourhood urbanisms are imagined, conceived and discussed.

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